Healing and Strength

Healing and. Strength

A program where families gather together, share games and a meal, and find strength on a journey of healing from grief and violence. Families who have lost loved ones to violence gather, share a meal, and find strength together on a journey of healing.

It is normal for trauma and grief to have strong emotional effects on children and grownups. These effects can include flashbacks, disturbing dreams, anger, being “super-alert” and jumpy, or having trouble sleeping. Our bodies naturally react to danger by releasing chemicals that get us ready to fight, or take flight, or freeze—these reactions help us get out of the way of a speeding car or stand up to a bully. However, trauma and grief can set off alarms and feelings of fear, anger and anxiety that can be overwhelming in the day to day. In this program, you will gain the space to process your grief, learn skills to ground yourself and your children. Learn how to manage trauma reactions and reminders through supportive connection.


  • Groups meet weekly for 12 weeks in the evening, starting in October and February
  • Free door-to-door transportation, supper, and childcare provided
  • Art group (children 4-7),
    • Learn what feelings are, how to name them and what they look like in behaviors and faces. Learn how to practice things to get out energy, talk about feelings, and feel safe in a group with art activities
  • Child (aged 8-12), Teen (13-17)
    • Learn about their feelings and experiences. Develop skills to cope with difficult emotions and feel more in control of their reactions and behaviors. Identify ways to continue to heal and remember their loved ones.
  • Adult groups
    • Learn skills to ground yourself and your children Learn how to manage trauma reactions and reminders through supportive connection

Services are strictly confidential.

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