Survivor Support

Survivor Support

It’s normal for trauma and grief have strong emotional effects, that can include flashbacks, disturbing dreams, anger, being “super-alert” and jumpy, or having trouble sleeping. Understanding the effects of trauma helps put these flight/flight/freeze feelings in perspective.

Learn how to ground yourself from stress, manage trauma reactions and reminders and learn relaxation techniques and positive self-caring during our 10-week trauma-informed group counseling sessions led by a licensed master’s-level social worker.

Survivors may have been injured, may have lost someone to violence or may have witnessed violence directly in recent past or as child. Caregivers may be taking care of someone injured by violence, whether permanently or temporarily.

Residents of Chester are invited to attend. Residents of Delaware County are also welcomed to participate.


Groups utilize the Sanctuary Model and are based on the SELF curriculum. Sessions consist of psychoeducation on trauma and trauma-responses, helping participants to understand patterns of behavior and manage their reactions to circumstances. SELF provides participants with skills that can be utilized to manage their emotions, improve their decision-making, and better their quality of life.

SELF is an evidence-based model developed next-door in the City of Philadelphia. More information about the model can be found at

Questions? Contact or 610-368-0714.

Three groups meet on Tuesdays: a male-only group; survivor group; and caregiver of survivors group.
There is a maximum of 10 participants per group. Transportation is available as needed.

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