Do you want to be part of Chester healing from violence? Do you have time or skills that you want to put in the service of your community? Volunteer with us!

We need:

  • Licensed therapists and counselors to assist in our response to schools following a violent incident
  • Volunteers who can help to provide childcare during our group sessions
  • Volunteers who can help to deliver information at outreach events about our services and the benefits of counseling for mental health and healing
  • Survivors of violence who can share their stories of healing and help support others on the same path
  • Volunteers with technical skills to help us provide current and effective communication and documentation of our work
  • Volunteers to help with securing meals for our programs or to help with fundraising

And so much more!

If you are interested in being part of what we do, give us a call at 610-368-0714 or email us at info@chestercommunitycoalition.org.

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