The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia

The main reason that I am happy to be part of the Chester City Coalition is the work of healing reflects the charism/mission of the the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia of  which I am a member.  We are a community of Catholic women  who strive to live in loving relationship and service with all people and are dedicated to bringing hope and joy to those in need by promoting peace and justice with an emphasis on human rights. We are willing to take the necessary risks to be a healing, compassionate presence especially with those whose voices are not heard.

During my seven years at Anna’s Place, a Franciscan Hospitality Center in Chester, I met people who had lost a loved one to violence.  I listened and heard their cry for help.  I joined with those who also heard their cry and with the help of a grant and individual and community support we created the Chester Community Coalition. The mission of the Chester City Coalition to provide free, trauma informed support services to men, women and children whose lives have been devastated by violence enables me to join with others in service.

Sr. Jean is a sister of St. Francis of Philadelphia. She received her master’s degree in Integrative Education from Marywood University in Scranton, PA. Justice and peace has always been a passion for Sis. Jean. She spent 29 years as a teacher and principal. She has traveled with peace organizations to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Haiti. She spent five years in ministry to those who were homeless and/or mentally challenged, while also doing outreach on the streets of Philadelphia.

For eight years, she served as administrator of congregational services rendered by sisters on mission and ministered for eight years in Wilmington, DE as director of House of Joseph II– a long-term living residence for homeless women and men living with advanced stages of HIV/AIDS. Sr. Jean is former director of Anna’s Place in Chester PA, a Franciscan hospitality center sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis until 2019, and now is project manager for Chester Community Coalition.


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